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Concert Reviews

For all those who couldn't be there... 

Jerry Rivera


October 4th, Stadthalle Heidelberg

Screaming girls, hysterically calling for "Jerry, Jerry" - that's how a concert of Jerry Rivera is supposed to begin. But before that a bit of patience was necessary. Although officially doors were to open at 20.00, there was a large crowd waiting at 21.00 outside, but the security staff made them wait more. And there was another long queue before getting rid of coats. So there are quite some possibilities for improvements for the organizers of this event. Anyway, the sight of the beautiful hall was able to make you forget most of this. These surroundings gave the concert an exquisite touch.

Before the dream of many Latinas appeared on the scene, the musicians were able to demonstrate their power in a medley of Jerry Rivera's biggest hits - each one played just enough to be recognized.

Jerry came onto the stage singing - you could hear him before he was visible. Besides this he didn't use the freedom of his wireless microphone a lot. He talked quite a lot between the songs, of course all states of Latin America were greeted, told a bit about the songs and thanked José Manuel Gomez and the other organizers several times for inviting him to Germany.

But let's get to the music: Jerry Rivera and his band presented a mixture of songs from all of his records, including one from his latest release "Ya no soy el Niñon aquel", which has recently been released here in Germany.

It was really amazing, how near to the known versions from CD the songs were presented. Each break was perfect, the musicians played as one unity. Even each typical "Baby", something like a trademark for Jerry, was exactly at the same place as on the CD. At the most there was an additional "I love you, baby" at the end - so far about improvisations. Those who like to hear exactly what they know from the CDs in concert must have been happy - those who expect a little bit more had to wait. Almost at the end of the show they presented two songs, which were really different: First a song I didn't know (called "Callao"?), which was used to introduce all the musicians - finally some hot solos, something which I didn't already know sufficiently from CD. That's what I call live music! The second song was a great surprise to all: Willie Colón's and Hector Lavoe's "La Murga". As the unforgettable trombone line at the beginning of this song filled the room, the crowd went crazy. This was the absolute highlight of this night for me.

After two hours of music (separated by a quite long break) people could enjoy themselves dancing to the very good music of the DJ until half past two.

The following musicians were playing:



Luis Angel Gonzalez
Rigoberto Segarra P.
Jorge L.


Javier Martinez V.
Oscar Ramirez M.


Edwin Rodriguez


Ruben Rivera Rivera


Rigoberto Diaz Rivera


Jorge L. Ocasio


Carlos Santiago Vega


José L. Ramos Garcia
Darvel Garcia Blasco

Reviews represent personal opinions. If not stated different, all text and pictures by Klaus Reiter.

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