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La Rumba

La Rumba is a international band with musicians from various latin-american countries and Germany. They know well how to interpret the hot tropic rhythms coming from the big Latin American continent.

The varied arrangements of this salsa band will make sure that the audience at live events won't stay seated and give in totally to the rhythmic and melodic music of La Rumba.

Their music is a crossover of salsa compositions, boolagloo and Latin jazz. The wide repertoire will meet the preferences of almost any lover of latin music.

The band members from Peru, the Dominican Republic, Germany and Chile care much about the quality of their music: "Only in this case you can speak of an enthusiastic audience and then our work is worth the effort" says Juan Iriarte, a member of the band.

So we wish you enjoy "La Rumba"

translated by Klaus Reiter

Here's a little sample, a part of the song Muñeca interpreted by La Rumba: (ra, 84s, 161 kB)

Alex Klawitter Garcia
Tel.: +49 - 177 / 28 78 28 4
Fax: +49 - 089 / 244 330 805

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