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Issac Delgado Biography


During an interview Issac Delgado once mentioned the German audience wouldn't know who he is. I'm sure he must have been wrong on this one! And just in case he wasn't, I'll try to change this with these pages here...

His musical career began in the eighties in Gonzalo Rubalcaba's band "Grupo Proyecto". In these days the pianist Rubalcaba was discovered by Dizzy Gillespie and became an exceptional figure in the Latin Jazz scene. Issac Delgado later sang with "Pacho Alonso y sus Kini Kini" and in the group "Galaxia", recording two CDs with them.

His international breakthrough began as first singer of "NG La Banda", well known for songs like "Necesito Una Amiga" and "La Exppresiva". From 1989 to 1991 he recorded three CDs with NG, before his debut CD "Dando La Hora" came out in 1991, too. For him this was the only way to realise his very own "sauce" (salsa), mixing traditional Cuban styles as son, guaracha and bolero with elements from rock, jazz and other styles. After the big success of his first two solo albums, which had been produced by Gonzalo Rubalcaba, he took another important step to international fame: He signed an exclusive contract with the biggest record company for Latin American music in the US - RMM. This contract followed two productions, "El Año Que Viene" and "Otra Idea", which made Issac "Cuba's Salsaexport No. 1" (quoting the promotion material...). It also gave him the chance to demonstrate his music on many stages in the US, together with stars like Celia Cruz and Grupo Niche.

He's surely one of the internationally most active representatives of the "New Cuban Salsa", seeming to tour around the world constantly. He has been in Germany in 96 as well as in 97 (for example on August 7th in Düsseldorf). So the chances to see him live on stage in Europe seem to be quite good. Of course "Der Salsaholic" will keep you informed. Just keep checking the concert calendar...

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Isaac Delgado


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