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Geschrieben von: Amphibia am: 28.04.07, 20:38:23
Hola Salsero y salsera,

First of all, I want to excuse myself for writing in English, but my German is not good mit Augen rollen
Since it seems I am going to study in Aachen, I would like to know whether there are regular salsa classes there - preferably LA/Mambo. I have been dancing for a year up to now and here (Bulgaria) we have regular classes twice or three times a week. Is there such a scheme in Aachen? I have already looked through the site, but I only saw clubs and parties... You know, if one wants to develop in dancing, parties are really not enough. cool

Thank you in advance for you answers. Any kind of information will be of help.


Geschrieben von: Klaus am: 01.05.07, 00:56:51
Hi Sylvia,
welcome to Salsaholic - and to Aachen!
There are a few regular salsa parties that have classes integrated, but many of these classes are mostly for beginners. You might want to check out the Apollo parties on Tuesdays, where Katrin ( is giving classes - I have not attended any of these, but I know she's a fine dancer freuen
I have the impression that many of us here are more interested in weekend workshops than in regular classes, so it might be hard to find regular classes for experienced dancers - folks, please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!
Anyway, it's good to hear a new Salsaholic is coming to town and I am sure you will like the open and casual atmosphere at the local salsa events.
Kind regards from Aachen,

Geschrieben von: Amphibia am: 17.05.07, 15:48:25
Hi Klaus,

First of all, thank you for the information. I'm sure that the atmosphere and the parties are fine and a lot of fun freuen But to be honest, your answer doesn't make me happy at all. I looked at the given site, but couldn't find much info. Maybe I'll get a better idea in place.
What about these workshops? They sound atractive freuen What kind of instructors come to teach? And what techniques/styles? :))


Geschrieben von: Klaus am: 20.05.07, 00:52:34
Hi Sylvia,
sorry I couldn't make you happy with my info...
Here's another good site for workshops and classes in Aachen:
You will find a Mambo workshop in the bgeinning of June - and actually regular calsses! (Oops, I didn't know about these!) They are held by Mostafa, a fine LA style dancer. He and his wife are also organising workshops with instructors from neighbouring cities.
Well, it's probably not as much as you had hoped for, but at least something to start with...