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The following discussions are taken from the newsgroup and are left as they were posted to the newsgroup. I only skipped some quotes (which are not needed here) and changed the order a bit. Remaining quotes are marked, as usual with a '>' in the beginning of each line.

I provide this for the people who didn't have the opportunity or time to follow all of the discussion in the newsgroup. Hope you find it as interesting as I did.

If I see that there is interest in such discussions, I'm going to supply you with more.

These are the discussions available:


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Beatles Salsa CD ... sacrilegious ? Introduction Discussion
Andy Monatñez / Cultural repression in Miami Introduction Discussion


Beatles Salsa CD ... sacrilegious ?

Here's a short introduction: "The Tropical Tribute To The Beatles" is a CD containing Beatles songs interpreted 'latin-style' (salsa and other rhythms) by salsa-stars like Celia Cruz, Tito Nieves, Cheo Feliciano and many others. Steve Roitstein, arranger and musical director of this CD, took part in this discussion. You can find a short review (with my humble opinion about the songs) of the CD on the CDs-page - sorry, (still) only in german.

The discussion is quite entertaining, including some really funny posts.

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Andy Monatñez / Cultural repression in Miami

This one is much more serious than the 'Beatles CD' - stuff. Andy Mantañez, a puertorican musician, was banned from calle 8 festival in Miami, because he welcomed Silvio Rodriguez a cuban artist 'too friendly'. But better read yourself...

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