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Combo Latino

Combo LatinoBoundless Music

The musicans of COMBO LATINO come from El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Peru and Germany. Even the international cast is guarantee for musically interesting variety. "Boundless Music" is symbol for combining latin - american and european impressions.

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... a pulsating rhythm machine with an extensive arsenal of percussion. A high explosive sound mixture ...(Heilbronner Stimme)

... without detour over the head directly to the body and into the bones... (Badische Neueste Nachrichten)

... it appears, as brought up to now the band every public to creeping ... (Dortmunder Zeitung)

... The COMBO LATINO gives back something of that liveliness and friskiness that we believed in a frozen manner for a long time ...(Solinger Tageblatt)

... it goes without saying that extensive percussion parties had been celebrated ...(Basler Zeitung)


Combo Latino



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Manfred Grözinger


Ingmar P. Thönnessen

Conga + Vocal

Tito Prats

Guitar + Vocal

Chico Jiménez


Paul Held

Sax + Vocal

Jörg Endisch

Atmospheric voices:

Exploding rockets flying colored colors to the sky; cracking bombs roar as rage broken out wave stroke of the Caribbean and flaming light wheels hum as calming tropics rain. No doubt, the Sound of the Combo Latino can be described best in such a way.

My first meeting with the Combo Latino was pure coincidence. During an Live appearance in Baden-Baden, I sensed the racing pulse of its music and I was enthusiastic! Latin-American Rock music of the finest one: expression strong, spanish texts are shaded with melodic sound carpets and are packed into fire dangerous, percussive rhythms.This music goes in actual fact over the head into the legs ...

Frank Laufenberg, radio and television journalist


Combo Latino, Jörg Endisch, Itzsteinstr. 18, D-76187 Karlsruhe, Tel/Fax: +49 721 567128; Email:

Combo Latino website:

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